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Aqua Lighter

This section shows aquarium goods which developed and manufactured by COLLAR.

Each product has its unique features which compare it favourably over similar products present in the market:

– the most silent compressor in the world;

– the innovative LED lamps (including miniature ones for 5 liter aquariums and professional ones that allow to control independently color temperature, light spectrum and luminous intensity);

– the most simple-to-use aquarium heaters and fans;

– the aquarium sets with carefully chosen equipment;

– an effective solution of the problem of fouling on glass and stones in the aquarium.

Special attention is given to safety — each device complies with the highest requirements for operation and maintenance in conditions of extreme humidity.

 Minimalistic design of the products emphasizes aquascape and at the same time our products will fit into any interior, even the most exquisite.

 COLLAR’S Company innovations were highly evaluated by well-known experts from the prestigious international exhibitions and also recognized by amateur aquarists from Europe, USA and Asia.

Now,available at TropiCo Aqua.

Aqua Lighter

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